Saturday 4th July 2015
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Why People Play Lottery Games

Lottery Balls Blue The question of why people play lottery games is one that comes up time and time again, especially when the subject is raised by someone who views lotteries as subtle forms of voluntary taxation. Yet there are plenty of good answers to this question, and in this article we present the most common ones…

One of the main reasons why people play lottery games is because the games themselves are genuinely exciting. The outcome of lotteries cannot be influenced by any of the participants, which means that everyone involved has the same chance of winning regardless of age, background, intelligence or any other personal factor.

Whilst there are other games that offer large cash prizes to those who are fortunate enough to win, only lottery games give players a regular chance of becoming a multi-millionaire. Win a lottery jackpot and the odds are very good that you will never have to worry about money ever again. Of course, you’ll have to manage your money wisely, but a lifetime of comfortable wealth is certainly within the realms of possibility.

Many people play lottery games because they like the idea of supporting a variety of good causes. In most lotteries, a percentage of all money raised from ticket sales is used to fund programmes that benefit society in some way, so buying a ticket or two for each draw is viewed by many as an easy way to “give something back” to the community.

Lottery games are open to anyone who is old enough to play, no skill is required and tickets are generally priced at very modest levels. All of these factors make lotteries extremely accessible, which is probably why far more people play the lottery than games such as poker or bridge.

A fifth reason why people play lottery games is because they happen to be very convenient. You don’t need to spend hours getting involved, you just pick your numbers and buy your tickets. Most lotteries also allow you to buy tickets for several consecutive draws at the same time, and if you buy Lotto tickets online, you won’t even have to queue in a retail outlet!

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