Sunday 5th July 2015
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Unclaimed Jackpots

Unclaimed JackpotsUnclaimed jackpots are lottery jackpot prizes that haven’t yet been claimed by their rightful owners. In most countries a jackpot that remains unclaimed for a specified period of time (180 days in the UK) is declared void and the prize money is put to a different use (such as funding various Good Causes) or it is returned to the collective pool of prize money for future lottery winners. 

There are always unclaimed jackpots somewhere in the world and although the majority of these will eventually be claimed by the winners concerned, a few will remain unclaimed right up to expiration. But why do some lottery jackpots remain unclaimed for extended periods of time, even to the point of being declared void? Well, there are several possible reasons, all of which have proved to be accurate on at least a few occasions, and the three most common are as follows:

Ignorance - Most unclaimed jackpots are unclaimed simply because the winning player isn’t aware that their numbers have landed the best possible prize. Such ignorance is actually quite common because there are plenty of players who still haven’t got into the habit of checking the lottery results after each draw.

Missing Tickets - Some jackpots are unclaimed because the owner has misplaced or lost their winning ticket. Anyone who plays lottery games offline needs to produce the physical ticket to claim any prize, so if the ticket goes missing the prize cannot be claimed. This is one reason why playing lottery games online, where no physical ticket is issued or required, is superior to playing offline.

Nervousness - Believe it or not, some unclaimed jackpots have later been claimed by winners who admitted to holding back simply because they felt nervous. The dream of winning a jackpot is very popular, but until it happens most players have no real idea about how they would react to such a win. Some people are happy to claim their prize straight away, but others find that they need to wait a few days or even weeks to get used to the idea of winning before making themselves known to lottery organisers.

There are probably many other reasons why lottery jackpots remain unclaimed for some time, and of course we have much less information about jackpots that actually expire without being claimed. One thing we can be certain of is that unclaimed jackpots will continue to be part of the lottery landscape until the day when everyone participates online and jackpot winners can be identified automatically.

Written by Tony Sharpe


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