Wednesday 27th May 2015
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Scratchcard Tips

Scratchcard If you play lottery scratchcards then you have probably wondered if there is anything you can do to get maximum value for money. Our informal survey of scratchcard winners has identified several scratchcard tips that you might find useful...

1 – Buy A Strip
One winner we spoke too told us that she always buys scratchcards in a strip of seven tickets, rather than buying one individual ticket each day of the week. Her reasoning was that she would have a good chance of winning a small prize on one of the tickets if the winning scratchcards were spread evenly throughout the roll. We think that winning tickets are spread more randomly than that (otherwise the retailers would know which ones were winners and which ones weren’t) but you might want to give this idea a try, especially if you play several tickets each week anyway.

2 – Play New Games
The tip from another seasoned scratchcard player was to focus on new games. “Because the game is new, there is less chance that the top prize has already been won,” he explained. “Obviously, a game doesn’t have to be brand new for me to play it, but if I have a choice between one that has been around for several months and one that has only been out for a couple of weeks, I’d opt for the most recent.”

3 – Claim Straight Away
A third tip is to scratch the card as soon as you buy it and to claim any win you are due straight away. Not only does this help you to avoid losing your ticket or forgetting to claim, it also allows you to make the most of any lottery luck that you happen to be experiencing – plenty of players have claimed a small win, used the profit to buy more tickets and ended up with a much bigger win as a result.

4 – Enjoy The Game
“My tip would be to play the game thoughtfully so that you enjoy it fully,” one player said. “Lots of people are in such a rush to scratch and see if they have won that they don’t really have as much fun as they should be having.”

None of these scratchcard tips will increase your odds of winning a lottery scratchcard game, but they could all help you to increase your enjoyment. Give them a try and be sure to let us know if you win!

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