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Lottery Sweepstakes

Lottery Balls Blue If you work alongside more than a handful of colleagues in an office or factory, you could have a lot of fun starting a regular Lottery Sweepstakes every week or month. This could run at the same time as a regular lottery syndicate, but the sweepstakes would guarantee a handful of winners every time.

The basic idea of a lottery sweepstakes competition is simple: You put 49 numbers (for the UK Lotto) into a bag and get participants to draw one or more of them at random, depending on how many participants there are. The cost of entry could be anything you like (50p or £1 each is most common) and entry fees go into a prize pot. When the lottery takes place, the participants who have a number that is drawn as a main number win a share of the prize pot.

For example, let’s say that you work at a factory and can rustle up 49 participants. Each might pay £1 to enter the lottery sweepstakes, creating a prize fund of £49, and each participant draws one number at random. In this scenario there will be six winners (because there are six main numbers drawn in the UK Lotto and each participant has one number) so each person with a winning number would win one sixth of the prize fund – in this case £8.16.

Of course, if you had less than 49 participants then you would amend the rules slightly to accommodate your particular situation. For example, 24 participants could have two numbers each, making it possible to win a third of the prize fund if both of their numbers were drawn. If the “extra” 49th number were drawn, one sixth of the prize fund could be rolled over and added to the prize fund for the next game.

Lottery sweepstakes competitions can’t make participants rich in the same way that conventional lottery syndicates could, but they can be very enjoyable in their own right. Have fun, and good luck!

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