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Lottery Raffle Strategies

Lottery Raffle StrategiesIt is becoming increasingly common for draw-based lottery games to offer an additional ‘raffle’ element that creates a guaranteed winner regardless of what happens in the main draw. The Millionaire Raffle is the best known example, giving one UK player a prize of £1 million every time a EuroMillions game takes place. The Lotto game will also be introducing a raffle in autumn 2013, and that will create at least 50 winners of £20,000 each in every Lotto draw. With raffle games becoming more widespread, it makes sense to take a look at some lottery raffle strategies that might help you to win big.

Many players tend to focus on lottery games that offer the biggest jackpots, and whilst that is perfectly sensible as far as the main draws are concerned, it isn’t the best strategy for someone who wants to focus on trying to win a raffle prize. Lottery games with the biggest jackpots tend to have the most participants, and plenty of players will buy multiple tickets. More tickets entered into the main game will automatically mean more tickets entered into the raffle, and if the number of raffle prizes is fixed (as it usually is) the odds of any given entry winning a raffle prize are obviously reduced.

A better strategy for anyone who wants to focus on landing a raffle prize might be to concentrate on games that tend to have the lowest number of participants – for example, midweek draws that only have a standard-sized jackpot up for grabs. With fewer tickets being purchased for the main game, fewer would be involved in the raffle, so each one would have a better chance of winning. 

You can also increase your chances of landing a raffle prize further by purchasing multiple tickets in low-jackpot games. By taking this approach, you can maximise the fact that the odds of landing a raffle prize are already as good as they are likely to get.

Lottery raffle numbers entered into a particular draw all have the same chance of winning, but if you want to buy multiple tickets in a game like the Millionaire Raffle you can obtain a varied range of numbers by purchasing your tickets at different times or on different days leading up to the draw. 

For example, instead of buying six tickets in one hit, you could buy three tickets on one day and another three on the next. That approach would ensure that you don’t get six consecutive raffle numbers, but rather three in one range and three in an entirely different range. Again, that won’t affect the odds of your numbers winning, but some players prefer varied entries rather than a consecutive block of coverage.

You will always need a hefty amount of luck to win any lottery prize, and lottery raffle prizes are no different. The advantages that raffle prizes offer is that they never have to be shared (unless you belong to a syndicate) and they don’t roll over. Consider adopting one or more of the strategies mentioned here if you fancy landing a raffle prize in the future, and good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe

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