Tuesday 7th July 2015
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Lottery Jackpot Dreams

Lottery Jackpot Dreams Lottery jackpot dreams are dreams in which we experience winning a lottery jackpot. They can be extremely vivid and detailed, and in many cases there might even be a ‘backstory’ leading up to the main event. For example, you might dream that you buy lottery tickets online a week before the draw takes place. Many people also dream of the particular numbers that are drawn in the game they are dreaming about!

Such lottery jackpot dreams can be very exciting, and although you might feel a little disappointed when you wake up and realise that it was ‘just a dream’, you will probably also feel inspired to renew your lottery-winning efforts. Many people go over further and view the lottery dream as some kind of ‘sign’ that they should buy their Lotto tickets on a particular day, or that they should play the numbers that they played in the dream itself.

Although having a dream about winning a lottery jackpot doesn’t affect your odds of winning in the slightest, such dreams can and do come true. Just ask someone like Kerri Cartwright. She had a dream about winning the lottery and told her boss about it. “How nice,” he laughed, before telling her to get back to work. But a week later Kerri won £2.54 million with a Lucky Dip ticket, and in doing so had the last laugh!

This kind of story is far more common than you might think, and scores of lottery jackpot winners admit to having dreamed of winning beforehand. One rational explanation for this is that a very high proportion of people who play the lottery on a regular basis will have a lottery-related dream at some point. It therefore makes sense that some people will then go on to win the lottery for real. In other words, it can be argued quite convincingly that lottery dreams coming true are nothing more than coincidences.

Yet there is something strangely appealing about the idea that lottery jackpot dreams might be a bit more than coincidence. What if lottery dreams really are significant? And what if those numbers you saw in your latest dream really were the ones that will be drawn on Wednesday or Saturday night? Even the most rational person would be very tempted to buy an extra ticket or two ‘just in case’ the lottery results they saw in their dream happen to come up.

We here at Lottery.co.uk don’t think that there is anything wrong with listening to your dreams. After all, from a mathematical perspective every set of numbers has just as much chance of winning as any other. Using a set of numbers that you have seen in a dream is therefore just as good as any other method of selection.

Bear this in mind the next time you have a lottery jackpot dream and who knows, you could be the next person who celebrates a life-changing coincidence!

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