Sunday 5th July 2015
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How to Predict the Future

Predict the future Lottery players all over the globe would like to know how to predict the future. Just imagine being able to watch the draw taking place and then saying ‘I told you so!’ Or being able to dream about a particular set of UK Lotto numbers coming up and then finding that they really did. If you want to know how these things are possible, read on...

The secret to predicting the future is to wait until it has already happened. Okay, we apologise for getting your hopes up, but this is exactly what lottery winners do when they claim to have dreamed about winning or had their win foretold by a Tarot card reader. They use hindsight and selective memory to fool themselves that they really predict what was going to happen before it happened.

Consider the scenario in which a man dreams of winning the lottery, and then a week later he wins the jackpot. In this case he may well tell everyone he knows that he “knew” he was going to win in advance of the lottery results being published. But if you were to delve a little deeper, the same man might tell you that he has had dozens of dreams about winning the lottery that didn’t come true. With this information, it is clear that the eventual win was a coincidence, and that the dream that went before it was not prophetic at all.

The same applies to Tarot card readings and similar predictions. These are deliberately vague so that the client can use hindsight and selective memory to “match” their experience to the prediction. For example, a reader might say “You are coming into some money”. If a client then wins the lottery they will often claim that their Tarot card reader predicted the win, but this wasn’t the case at all.

If it were really possible to predict the future then the likes of Mystic Meg and Russell Grant would have won a jackpot a long time ago. The fact that they haven’t says it all.

Whilst not being able to predict the future will come as a disappointment to some, it should really be viewed as a positive thing, because it means that every one of us has an equal chance of winning, and no dream, Tarot card spread or astrological set-up gives anyone an unfair advantage. Good luck!

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