Friday 3rd July 2015
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Are Lottery Wheels Worthwhile?

Are Lottery Wheels Worthwhile?Lottery wheels are systematic lottery entries that use several lines – often scores or even hundreds of lines – to offer the player a certain limited kind of guarantee. For example, you might select 15 numbers in the Lotto game and enter them in such a way that you are guaranteed to get 3 numbers on the same ticket if 6 of your 15 selections are drawn. That sounds like a great guarantee, and you certainly can’t lose out by taking a lottery wheeling approach, but are lottery wheels really worth the effort of sorting out all of those numbers in a carefully planned way, or would players fare just as well by entering the same quantity of Lucky Dip entries?

The simplest answer to that question is that it depends on the results that you get from your lottery wheeling. If you try lottery wheeling and win a prize that puts you in profit – or maybe even a jackpot prize – then you would obviously say that the practice is very worthwhile. If, on the other hand, you try wheeling and don’t win even a minimal prize for several draws in a row then you might well conclude that the approach isn’t at all worth the time and effort that you put into it.

Putting aside the experiential side of things, what we want to ask here is if lottery wheels are worthwhile from a mathematical perspective, and the short answer is no. Although lottery wheels offer limited guarantees (the extent of the guarantee depending on the type of lottery wheel employed and the quantity of numbers it allows you to play) they all rely on you hitting a certain quantity of numbers from your selections. In other words, the efficacy of wheeling is still completely dependent on the luck of the draw.

The only aspect of wheeling that has any significant impact on your chances of becoming a lottery winner is that they force you to buy multiple tickets. A wheel that requires nine lines will therefore give you nine times as much chance of landing a prize as a single ticket entry. But if you were to enter nine Lucky Dip tickets, or nine tickets with any other numbers of your choosing, your chances would increase by the same amount.

Of course, if you like to play Lottery wheels then you should feel free to do so, as you won’t reduce your chances of winning by one iota and you could well get lucky enough to land a major prize. But by the same token, those of you who would rather increase your chances by entering multiple tickets using whatever numbers you choose can enjoy exactly the same odds of success, and without any of the additional effort that lottery wheeling involves.

Whatever way you choose to proceed, buy lottery tickets online and if you win you will be notified of that fact straight away. Good luck!

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