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An 18 Number Lottery Wheel in 15 Lines

Wheeling is a technique used by many lottery players to guarantee a certain outcome if a certain number of their selections come up during the lottery draw. It works by sorting the numbers into a number of specific combinations so that a specific number of correct selections will "trigger" at least one winning ticket. And of course, each ticket has just as much chance of winning the jackpot as any you might choose to enter at random, making wheeling a virtual no-brainer for serious lottery players.

The lottery wheel provided in this article (which is for pick-six lotteries) allows you to choose 18 numbers and enter them in such a way that you will win at least one three-number prize if you get five of them right. You will need to play 15 lines for this wheel, so in the UK Lotto which costs £1 per line, the total outlay would be £15.

Begin by picking 18 numbers and assigning each number to a letter of the alphabet between A and O. For example, we might select the following numbers:

7 12 13 18 19 21 23 26 29 32 37 38 40 41 44 46 47 49

Now, using this alphabetical "key", write out payslips for the following number combinations:

Line 01 A B C D E F
Line 02 A C G I L N
Line 03 A D G J M P
Line 04 A D H I K L
Line 05 A D N O Q R
Line 06 B E G I J L
Line 07 B E H K N Q
Line 08 B E M O P R
Line 09 B F H J M O
Line 10 C F G J N Q
Line 11 C F H K M P
Line 12 C F I L O R
Line 13 G H J K O R
Line 14 I L M N P Q
Line 15 J K M O Q R

For example, using the illustration set of numbers presented previously, our first, tenth, and fifteenth line of numbers would be:

Line 01 7 12 13 18 19 21
Line 10 13 21 23 32 40 47
Line 15 32 37 40 44 47 49

When you have entered all 15 lines using your own numbers, simply wait for the draw and check to see how many of your 18 selections have been drawn, if any. If you have five or more drawn then at least one of your lines will have at least three of them together. You may be lucky and get four or five in one line, but that is down to chance, and not to the wheeling technique itself.

If spending £15 a week on the lottery is too much, consider clubbing together with a few friends to form a syndicate. For details of how to do this, please refer to our article How To Start A Lottery Syndicate.

27 October 2006