Friday 3rd July 2015
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Lotto 49 to 1

Lotto 49 to 1 is a televised game held on special occasions throughout the year, which is based on the UK Lotto drawing. It was first introduced alongside a series of wider changes to the UK Lotto in October 2013, which included the addition of the Lotto Raffle and the increase of the jackpot prizes.

Lotto 49 to 1 gives people the chance to win prizes between 10,000 and 50,000. It is open to all lottery players but those wishing to take part must ensure they have registered their interest and bought a valid lotto ticket for a specific draw. Information regarding when to register and which draws you must have a ticket for will be announced several weeks prior to any game taking place. Players must be quick, however, as registration is only open for each event for a limited time.

The game is televised as part of the BBC national lottery entertainment show and it is also streamed online. Players should only apply if they are happy to be shown on television.

How to Play 49 to 1

Once the registration process has closed, 49 players will be chosen at random to play the game which will coincide with a live UK Lotto draw. Each person must supply a photograph of themselves and each photo will be placed onto a grid with 49 squares, where they will then be shuffled randomly. After the draw has taken place, the players allocated to each number will be revealed and then the winners are announced.

Players who have been assigned one of the six numbers which are drawn on the night will win a cash prize. The person whose number matches the Bonus Ball will win a special cash prize. The table below shows the prizes:

Winning Number Prize
One of first three main numbers £10,000
One of the second three main numbers £20,000
Bonus Ball £50,000

When is the next Lotto 49 to 1?

The next 49 to 1 Lotto game is yet to be announced. Keep checking back here to find out when the next game is due to take place and how you can take part in it.